Free Online Program: Awake in the World

The details aren’t all worked out yet but there is an amazing event taking shape for the third week of October. Shambhala Mountain Center will be hosting a free five-day online event called Awake in the World to explore mindfulness in our health, work, and relationships as a path to personal and social transformation. It starts Sunday 19 October. Each day will include a live evening presentation and feature videos with insights and practical tools for waking up in your everyday life.

Day 1:  Envisioning an Awakened World with hosts Richard Reoch and Acharya Adam Lobel

Day 2:  Waking Up to Personal Health and Well-being

Day 3:  Waking Up Through Relationships with host Susan Piver

Day 4:  Waking Up Through Work with host Lodro Rinzler

Day 5:  Waking Up Through Service with host Acharya Fleet Maul

You need to sign up for access to the talks. The program would make a great home-based solitary retreat week unless you prefer to invite a friend or two to create your own enlightened society for five consecutive evenings after the Thanksgiving weekend. Oh—and did I mention that it’s free?