Celebration – Sheree Rasmussen at the Shambhala Centre Gallery

The Toronto Shambhala Centre Community Art Gallery is presently showing “Celebration,” the works of textile artist Sheree Rasmussen. Her beautiful hangings are evocative of the great modernists Chagall, Klimt, Miro, and Basquiat, as well as the folk patterns of the Balkans and Middle East.

In Sheree’s own words: “As I layer the fabric pieces, cut and pin and sew, I let the work take on its own life and try to follow it through intuition and spontaneity, without getting in the way, taming a chaos of colours and shapes into harmonious but lively relationship.”

The Toronto Shambhala Centre Art Gallery is dedicated to showing community artists whose work reflects the dignity and upliftedness of human beings. If you are interested in showing your work, please contact Donald Eckler at [email protected].

Please join us for Sheree’s show until the end of December.