Free Online Program: Awake in the World

The details aren’t all worked out yet but there is an amazing event taking shape for the third week of October. Shambhala Mountain Center will be hosting a free five-day online event called Awake in the World to explore mindfulness in our health, work, and relationships as a path to personal and social transformation. It … Continue 

A Rigden King Is Born

I am not entirely sure what leads a person to the path of the Buddha. I suppose we all have our own journey and experiences that lead us here. I have spent a lot of time suffering—worrying about how I look, what I should say, what I did say, what to do, what not to … Continue 

It’s happening! Changes to the Centre

Our renovation is underway, and what a difference we are seeing already! After months of listening, discussion, and testing ideas we have a fresh understanding of how our space can express Shambhala society and nurture our community. Now we are physically creating the space—the frame within which we can deepen our connection with each other. … Continue 

Renovations start next week! (And centre will be closed for two weeks)

  After seven months of discussion, sharing ideas, and planning we are ready to refresh and revitalize the community spaces at the Toronto Centre. Throughout our planning we were guided by the Sakyong’s vision to make our centre more like a village and less like school — welcoming, kinder, and supportive of society. So what … Continue 

Give a Day to Shambhala: A Generosity Practice

A couple years ago I participated in the sangha retreat in Halifax called Being Brave. It was an amazing week of practice and teachings and I felt happier and more inspired among a group of strangers there than I’d been in some time. Toward the end of the week organizers placed large bowls and baskets … Continue 

First Changes — News on Uplifting Our Space

Next time you’re in the Shambhala Centre, you’ll notice some small changes that are already making a big difference. In the community room, we’ve removed the Japanese paper ceiling treatment (which was maybe twenty years old and discoloured with years of dust) and the corner calligraphy display. The room already feels a bit more airy. … Continue 

Back to Basic Goodness: Beginner’s Mind and Butter Tarts on a First Weekthun

Group retreats are often described as “potent” ways to deepen one’s mediation practice. I finally had the opportunity to experience that potency for the first time in a weekthun at Juniper Hill 25 May–2 June. Patricia Hayward directed the retreat with teachings on the new Shambhala meditation approach to fully experiencing ourselves as being alive … Continue 

The Shambhala Principle: Sakyong Mipham’s New Book

Sakyong Mipham – the head of the Shambhala lineage – has just published a new book, The Shambhala Principle: Discovering Humanity’s Hidden Treasure.  This book is devoted to the principle of basic goodness and enlightened society. It was written, the Sakyong says, as a dialogue with his father, the legendary Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who presented … Continue 

The Impact of Crazy Wisdom (by Pat Parisi)

For me, life as a Buddhist began with books, and lots of them. I didn’t understand a word that was written on the pages. It wasn’t only that the concepts were beyond me but the words described a landscape that I didn’t yet inhabit. It was as though I were visiting another country and nothing … Continue 

Spring Equinox Celebration in Toronto

What a beautiful day it was. The sun shone brightly on March 30th, 2013. We had spent weeks in preparation for our first ever Spring Equinox celebration only to find there was more new life than usual this Spring! We were blessed with the arrival of our new Shambhala Princess, Jetsun Yudra Lhamo Yangchen Ziji Mukpo (aka … Continue