On the Path of Profound Kindness with Jay Lippman

Most of us relate to Buddhism through meditation practice and our interest in relieving stress, anxiety, and other forms of psychological suffering. In The Path of Profound Kindness – a weekend program taught at the Toronto Shambhala Centre by Shambhala Buddhist teacher Jay Lippman – we learned that Buddhism offers us much more than that. … Continue 

Thoughts on Creating Court in Everyday Life by Glenn Austin

Last weekend (27-28 October), the Toronto Shambhala Centre offered a program entitled Shambhala Culture: Creating Court in Everyday Life. Twenty-five or so participants joyfully participated in an exploration and celebration of Shambhala principles. It was a true delight hosting Sangyum Wendy Friedman, Director of Culture and Decorum from Shambhala International, as well as David Mukpo, … Continue 

August Weekthun in Toronto

Article by Phyllis Cohen. August 20 marked a first for the Shambhala Meditation Centre of Toronto. It was the first time the centre had ever hosted an urban weekthun. The concept of a meditation retreat in the city seems almost like an oxymoron. How can it be a “retreat” when you leave the quiet, orderly, … Continue 

Practising Peace for Pema Chödrön’s 76th Birthday

I don’t think anyone has ever done a survey about how people find their way to the Shambhala path but I’m pretty sure that Pema Chödrön’s books were pointing the way for many of us—especially in the last ten years or so. Saturday 14 July marked Pema Chödrön’s seventy-sixth birthday. Midway into a one-year solitary … Continue 

Children’s Day and Winter Solstice Celebration

Story by Kelly Murphy with photos by Victoria Hagens. On December 17, 2011, we celebrated Children’s Day and the Winter Solstice at the Toronto Shambhala Centre. It was one of the most elegant, cheerful, and inclusive events I have ever attended at the Centre! Many congratulations are deserved by Ruth, Sangye, Victoria, and John Crone, … Continue 

Restorative Circles at the Shambhala Centre

An article by Tina Lopes I was so grateful to learn that Nat Roman and the Shambala Meditation Centre were willing to allow people who are not members of the community to participate in the two-day introductory workshop on Restorative Circles. Everything I had read and heard about this process, which was developed by Dominic … Continue 

A Weekthun at Juniper Hill Retreat Centre

Article by Janet Murie with photos by Chris Luginbuhl. The weeks that led up to the week-long retreat at Juniper Hill Retreat Centre between Christmas and New Years were busy with social obligations, eating too much rich food and shopping for family and friends. I was looking forward to the imposed quiet of the week … Continue 

The Art of Being Human, January 2011

Photos by Chris Luginbuhl from the Art of Being Human, Shambhala Training, Level 1 with Henry Chapin.

September Simplicity Retreat at Juniper Hill

An article by Rachel Li.pton. For those who have made the decision to redirect their earth-bound lifetime towards a spiritual path, I feel a common point of origin may be shared. We awaken to our new-found spiritual aspirations, we delight in their discovery, and we begin our journey by fantasizing of a life of deep … Continue 

Summer 2010 Simplicity Meditation Retreat at Juniper Hill

An article by Nick Butler with photos by Chris Luginbuhl. The idea of attending a weekend meditation retreat sounded like a pretty idyllic escape from the beginning. But I must confess that, on the drive to Juniper Hill Retreat Centre, I found myself wondering what I was really getting myself into. After all, I had … Continue