September Simplicity Retreat at Juniper Hill

An article by Rachel Li.pton. For those who have made the decision to redirect their earth-bound lifetime towards a spiritual path, I feel a common point of origin may be shared. We awaken to our new-found spiritual aspirations, we delight in their discovery, and we begin our journey by fantasizing of a life of deep … Continue 

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Summer 2010 Simplicity Meditation Retreat at Juniper Hill

An article by Nick Butler with photos by Chris Luginbuhl. The idea of attending a weekend meditation retreat sounded like a pretty idyllic escape from the beginning. But I must confess that, on the drive to Juniper Hill Retreat Centre, I found myself wondering what I was really getting myself into. After all, I had … Continue 

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Families and Children in Toronto Shambhala

A message from the Steering Committee for Families and Children in Toronto Shambhala “May the heart of our community be warmed by the laughter of children, energized by the passion of teenagers, inspired by the pure vision of young adults, enriched by the generosity of parents, strengthened by the discipline of adults, stabilized by the … Continue 

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