Scholarship Fund


The purpose of this scholarship is to assist financially members of the Shambhala Meditation Centre of Toronto to attend Shambhala Buddhist path programs not offered at the Toronto Centre, so that such education and training will benefit the individual and the Shambhala community.


  • The applicant is a member of the Toronto Centre.
  • The applicant is requesting funding to attend a Shambhala Buddhist path program (such as: Warrior’s Assembly, Enlightened Society Assembly, or Vajrayana programs) offered at a Shambhala land or city centre (and not available at the SMC Toronto).


  • Applicant is committed to the Shambhala Buddhist path.
  • Applicant has a committed meditation and study practice.
  • Applicant is actively engaged in Shambhala and participates in supporting the Centre through such activities as staffing, administration, teaching, etc.
  • Applicant is in financial need.
  • Applicant is recommended by his/her Meditation Instructor and a member who is knowledgeable about her/his volunteer activity at the Centre.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance of up to $300 for Program Tuition is possible. The amount offered may vary at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee depending on the number of applicants and available funds.

Funds will be paid directly to the land or city centre which is hosting the specified program at the time the applicant attends the program.


The Program Scholarship is possible due to the generosity of members and supporters of the Toronto Centre. 

Furthermore, applicants may approach individual benefactors for assistance in addition to SMCT assistance. Individual benefactors may wish to donate an agreed amount to the SMCT Scholarship Fund to support designated individuals and thereby receive an income tax credit.

Application Deadline

Applications will be received at anytime by the Scholarship Committee. Since there is a fixed amount of funding for scholarships the sooner the application is received the better.

Application forms are located near the bulletin board in the Cloak Room or are available for download (PDF) online. Please submit applications to the Centre Director.

Scholarship Committee

Decisions for funding will be made by the Scholarship Committee composed of the Centre Director/designates, Director of Practice & Education, Chagdzo, and Head Meditation Instructor.