Sleight of Hand: Contemplative Writing

with Miriam Hall

May 31st—June 1st (2014)

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  • $150 Program Price
Miriam Hall has the heart, head and hands of writing practice. Study with her.
—Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones

Sleight of Hand retreats explore contemplative writing practice and what it can teach us about our own minds and creative process. It is a perfect place both for writers who need to re-inspire their writing, and for those who don't identify as writers at all, but are curious about what the writing process could bring forth about themselves. People write all kinds of things: fiction, poetry, non-fiction in these classes. The content need not be contemplative— it's the practice which carries the contemplative aspect.
The retreat spends half the time on each of the two important core teachings: creative process (first half) and compassionate listening (second half). The two are, in fact, inexorably linked, which becomes apparent to all who practice over time.
Through the mixture of practices of stillness and sharp awareness, our writing begins to sharpen and deepen, and, most importantly, we begin to connect with ourselves and each other as human beings with real hearts and real stories. Learning to abide by the creative process, all of its ups and downs, resistance and flow, is essential if we want creativity to really work in our lives. All of our relationships and activities, creative or otherwise, need compassion in order to truly benefit the world. The practice of listening, being listened to, and reflecting back to each other is perilously rare in our modern world.
About Miriam Hall: For over eight years Miriam has offered writing practice or contemplative writing. She is an internationally recognized teacher, and an increasingly published author. She is sought out for her kind manner, sharp awareness, and precise understanding of Buddhist teachings and the human condition, as well as skill with words and teaching writing and voice.

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