Shambhala Art - An Introduction

with Stephane Bedard

September 8th (2017)

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The creative process has more to do with perception than talent. Meditation helps this process by clarifying our perceptions, relaxing our relentless self-dialoguing, and revealing the source of creativity.
Join us for an introductory presentation on Shambhala art on Friday September 8, 7:00pm-9:30pmYou do not have to be taking the entire weekend to attend this presentation. Everyone is welcome. By donation.
For more information about Shambhala Art, visit the Shambhala Art website. Also see the most recent Shambhala Art Newsletter for an article by Stéphane Bédard, If Sun Meets Wind, on the creative process.

Stéphane Bédard is  a student of the renowned Ikebana master Seibi Watanabe Sensei. He has been teaching Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging) since 1987. A senior Shambhala Art Teacher in the international Shambhala Buddhist Community, he teaches Shambhala Art Workshops, the Way of Shambhala, and holds the title of Kalapa Ikebana Master Instructor. He lives in Montreal, and regularly travels to teach, including to Nova Scotia, where he has a number of dedicated students.