AbsoluteEye and Modern Art: Contemplative Photography Workshop

with John McQuade

May 8th—June 19th (2018)

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I think if you can turn off the mind and look only with your eyes , ultimately everything becomes abstract. - Ellsworth Kelly

In this course of study and teaching, we connect our everyday perception with the manifestation of brilliant modern art photographic images.

We go beyond the conventional and photographic interpretive frameworks to a direct connection with the visual as the visual. The connection of the visual as the visual is the connection of American Modern Art.

This course is also educational: we will explore the insights and examples of American modern art, including abstract expressionism, color field, pop art, minimalism, and so forth.

Prerequisite: Looking and Seeing: Introduction to Contemplative Photography. This course will also be offered online, through Nalanda Miksang.

For more information, contact John McQuade at [email protected] and/or visit miksang.org

About John McQuade

John McQuade is the founder and a director of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography.  He is co-author of Looking and Seeing and Heart of Photography. John is a long-time student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.  He serves as a meditation instructor and Shambhala Training teacher at the Shambhala Meditation Centre of Toronto.


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