Shrine Keeper Training

April 24th—April 25th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    The Rigden Shrine is central to our meditation practice, manifesting our awake nature, our basic goodness. Caring for the shrine is an important practice.  

    This class will train practitioners in

    • understanding the purpose and meaning of the shrine in attracting drala energy
    • key components of the shrine including Rigden thangka and Shambhala lineage portraits
    • meaning of the offerings - candles, flowers, water, incense, juniper
    • decorum in relating to the shrine
    • role of the shrine keeper

    Everyone interested in shrine keeper training will ideally have completed two (2) Shambhala training weekends OR  two (2) In Everyday Life (IELs) courses AND have a strong personal meditation practice in the Shambhala tradition.  OR  a recommendation from their Meditation Instructor.

    Leader: Margaret May (email [email protected] for further information).


    Please register in advance by clicking the "Click Here to Register" button below. When you register, indicate which day (Tuesday or Wednesday) you wil be attending by entering the day in the "Comments" field.