Improvisational Vocal Circle

June 13th (2018)

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    The oral tradition of circle singing is one of the oldest and simplest forms of communitybuilding. Vocal Improvisation, teaches us how to dance with the unknown. In the safe and non-critical context of this vocal circle, we encourage each vocalist to meet the unknown with curiosity rather than anxiety. This form of singing is all about trusting that each step along the improvisational path will emerge in the moment. Improvisation mirrors other important life skills being able to:

    • listen deeply
    • harmonize with others
    • support the whole
    • expand your boundaries of expression
    • play well with others (just as we did as kids)
    • express our sacred nature


    The spirit of any improvisational gathering is inclusive, ritualistic, intentional, and supportive of all those who participate. We invite your inner child to join us in this playful setting of exploration. No musical experience required.

    About Ann-Marie Boudreau

    Ann-Marie Boudreau, ARCT, trained as a classical Concert Pianist at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and has over 30 years of teaching experience. She is a Sound Therapist, multi-instrumentalist, improvisational and intuitive vocalist, Reiki Master, composer and recording artist.

    Throughout her world travels, explorations and studies Ann-Marie has also explored her interests in ethnic instruments from across the globe and is adept at performing on a wide range of instruments; the Indian sitar, European hang and African Ngoni being unique to her repertoire. Ann-Marie’s mission is working with communities and individuals to enable them on their personal journeys toward self- realization and fulfillment addressing the needs of the soul, spirit and human experience. She simultaneously nurtures and empowers people to transform personally and spiritually in a gentle, deep and lasting way.

    Ann-Marie encourages everyone she meets to live fully as well as move inwards more deeply. “In our effort to communicate with the larger part of life we can lose touch with our natural ability to express ourselves”.

    Ann-Marie has inspired and worked with groups ranging from Sick Kids Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, Juravinski Cancer Centre, York University Music Dept, University of Toronto, Buddhist Dharma Center of Canada, Spiritual Directors International, First Nations on Bella Bella Island, BC and Casey House in Toronto to the Families for Children orphanage in Coimbatore, India. She has also performed for dignitaries such as Stephen Lewis, Marion Woodman, General Romeo Dallaire, Marianne Williamson and Thomas Moore in the ‘Seekers Dialogue’ series.