Cleaning as Ceremony!

September 26th (2018)

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    Our beautiful space is a reflection of many volunteers who offer their time to host
    our visitors. Some of our most important volunteers are invisible to us but their
    efforts are appreciated by everyone who steps through our doors. These are the
    people who keep the Shambhala Centre clean, uplifted, and welcoming.

    The way in which we treat our surroundings mirrors to us who we think we are.
    We are “basically good,” and our centre reflects that. If you are interested in learning
    a little about the view of why “polishing the floor is polishing one’s mind,” and how
    to actively participate in uplifting our space, please join us.

    Please note: This offering is a “hand’s on” presentation and is for those who wish to
    actually engage in the cleaning of our centre.



    This event is part of our regular Wednesday evening program which includes group sitting from 7pm to 8pm. Meditation instruction is also offered at 7pm.

    Everyone welcome for any part or all of this Wednesday evening.