Together Now, as We Are: Great Lakes Region Community Retreat Part 1

September 28th—September 30th (2018)

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  • $75 Program Price
  • $100 Patron Price
  • Or pay what you can afford

Toronto is hosting the first of two regional retreats where we will practice together, process deeply and explore what it might mean to create enlightened society now.

This first retreat is a grass roots gathering of the regional community where we will co-create a safe and sane space for open hearted listening, envisioning and strengthening of our collective inspiration for our local community. We will explore what is most alive for us now, and how we wish to manifest in this time of disruption, uncertainty and confusion in the organization and leadership of Shambhala. We can learn to take better care of one another when we call upon our collective wisdom.

This first retreat will include meditation (including Shambhala Meditation), group and personal processing exercises, creative embodied experiences and break out groups, as well as periods of silence.

Note: Since creating a safe and sane container benefits from settling together, we invite all participants to attend the full retreat. If that is not possible, minimum attendance will be Saturday and Sunday.

  • Day 1 Friday – Silent Practice Day
  • Day 2 Saturday - Practice and Personal Processes Exploration
  • Day 3 Sunday - Practice and Systemic Processes Exploration, Change and Regional Needs


This first retreat is open to all who wish to be part this exploration and will be facilitated by local teachers and community members. Our discussions will shape the future of our region and inform the planning for the second retreat (see below).

Regional Retreat Part 2 Winter/Spring 2019

The second retreat will be supported by visiting teachers who will help us go deeper into topics identified at the first retreat and support us in our healing process and in taking next steps.

The Winter/Spring 2019 retreat will be supported with two socially engaged senior teachers in the Shambhala mandala. We are currently sorting out dates with the teachers and we are very excited about the leaders who will be coming to support our community. We look forward to sharing that information with you soon.

We look forward to gathering together. Let us be fearless in unearthing habitual social patterns and letting new ground and structures make us stronger. We hope you will join us in this exploration!


  • Friday Silent Practice Day: By donation
  • Saturday & Sunday: $75 Regular/$100 Patron


Please register for this program in advance by clicking on the "Click here to register" link below. After filling out the online registration form, you will have the option of paying online through PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account.  If you prefer not to pay online, you can pay by cash or cheque at the beginning of the program.

Note: If you cannot afford to pay the full program fee, see our generosity policy.