Sunday Morning Meditation

May 5th

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    Join us this Sunday morning for an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice. The morning will begin with guided meditation, followed by walking and sitting meditation.

    Each Sunday we will read from among Chogyam Trungpa's, Sakyong Mipham's or Pema Chodron's teachings for contemplation and inspiration. We will also introduce loving-kindness practice (Maitri Bhavana), a practice when we offer our intention that all beings may be free of suffering.

    In Maitri Bhavana practice we name those who are suffering from physical, mental or emotional challenges and practice with the intention that they be free of suffering. If there is someone you would like to include in this practice there will be a sign up sheet in the cloak room at the Centre or contact Gail at [email protected]

    This practice time is for everyone no matter their level of practice. Our personal practice and our community is strengthened when we share food, contemplate and practice together. Come for all or part of the morning.