Contemplative Photography: Looking and Seeing

with John McQuade

March 30th

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  • $65 Program Price
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UPDATE: This program has changed to be a one-day program - Saturday, March 30

Due to low enrollment, we are going to offer a one day basic introduction on Saturday, March 30 instead of the two-day program previously announced. (See description below.)
The one-day workshop will present the basic teaching/practice of "flash of perception" and the first assignment - twice.  The "flash" teaching/practice is decisive for Miksang and is more effective when presented "live." Working through the first assignment is a template for working through all the assignments.
The requested fee is $65.
This workshop can have a follow up of an online course that will cover the other  assignments. This introductory teaching is a requirement for the AbsoluteEye workshop and courses that will be offered in the Spring term. AbsoluteEye is the discovery and inspiration of perception/photography "found Modern Art."
For more information contact John McQuade at [email protected]


This weekend workshop presents the pith teachings of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography. When eye and mind are in the same place at the same time you see clearly and your images are simple and vivid.

The program includes instruction, assignments and image reviews.

No experience necessary but you need a digital camera. For more information contact John at [email protected]

This program is a prerequisite for Absolute Photography as Modern Art, offerred May 4/5 at the Toronto Shambhala Centre.

Other contemplative arts programs offerred this season include Awake Through Everyday Life and Absolute Photography and Modern Art.

About John McQuade

John McQuade is a Shambhala Training teacher and meditation instructor. He is a founder of Miksang contemplative photography and co-director of Nalanda Miksang. He is also the founder of AbsoluteEye photography.

John is co-authour of two books on contemplative photography: Looking and Seeing and Heart of Photography.

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