Milarepa Day

March 8th

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    Milarepa Day is a celebration of the enlightenment and life example of Milarepa, one of Tibet’s most famous yogi saints. The celebration involves a full day of practice, including chanting the Milarepa sadhana and reading the songs of the lineage teachers in The Rain of Wisdom.


    9:00-9:20 Morning Chants and Sitting

    9:20-9:35 Instructions

    9:35-11:00 Chant Glorious Flame of Wisdom, from page 1 to middle of page 17 then begin reading The Rain of Wisdom.

    11:00-11:15 Silent Tea Break

    11:15-1:15 Continue The Rain of Wisdom

    1:15-2:15 Lunch Break

    2:15-4:15 Continue The Rain of Wisdom

    4:15-4:30 Silent Tea Break

    4:30-6:20 Continue The Rain of Wisdom

    6:20-6:30 Protector Chants

    6:30-7:30 Dinner Break

    7:30 - Finish reading The Rain of Wisdom and The Glorious Flame of Wisdom; end by chanting the longevity and rebirth supplications, and Fulfilling the Aspirations.

    Everyone welcome. Please bring a copy of the Rain of Wisdom.

    Please register for this program in advance by clicking on the "Register Now" link below so we know how many to expect.