Being Contemplative: Ordinary Magic Liberation - Saturdays

with John McQuade

January 9th—February 6th

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In Ancient Chinese spirituality there opened a seam between Daosim and Zen (Chan). This seam is the contemplative arts. This course explores the contemplative arts as a way of liberation.  We present Haiku - a short literary form - as the ongoing concrete practice.

The course introduces the sublime contemplative aesthetics, explores the relationship with Zen (Chan) and Daosim, presents the Shambhala teachings on Drala (ordinary magic) and enters liberation through the ordinary magic of the phenomenal world.

This course runs five consecutive Saturdays, starting at 1pm Eastern time. It is also offered on Monday evenings at 7pm Eastern time.
John McQuade is a Shambhala Training Teacher, practices Daoist Qigong and is the founder of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography.


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