The Power of Genuineness

with Eve Rosenthal

November 13th—November 14th

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Room: Online

The focus of the program will be practicing meditation and contemplating reality through the lens of the four thoughts that transform the mind — appreciation of this precious life, the truth of change and the inevitability of death, the futility of trying to find happiness in the wrong places, and acknowledging the consequences of our actions. Contemplating these four thoughts inspires us to live in a genuine and fearless way.

About the teacher

Eve Rosenthal has been a senior teacher in Shambhala for many years leading programs for the public as well as advanced practitioners. Founder of Shambhala Online, Eve has worked in the technology sector on Wall Street and as a university professor. She is a long time practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and enjoys playing the piano.  She will be joining us from her home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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