Relating with Grief and Loss: A Meditator’s Approach

with Emily Bower

April 10th

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Room: Online

In this two-hour Zoom class, Emily will offer guided practice and a talk, and facilitate discussion.

Impermanence: The Buddhist tradition regards the human journey of aging and death as natural and as a path on which we could learn and grow as beings. Contemplating the fact that we age and die, while intimidating at first, leads to emotional growth, resiliency, and courage. 

Grieving loss: In the days and months after the death of someone we love, or the loss of something important to us, we might feel shock, disorientation, and “knocked down” emotionally. Our tools as meditators can be very useful at such times, to orient ourselves in the here and now, and find support and grounding through meditating and meeting with others.

Starts at 1 pm EST and goes to 3 pm EST.

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