Shambhala Level I: The Art of Being Human - Shambhala Online Weekend Intensive

October 7th—October 8th

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  • $149.00 Program Price
  • $199.00 Patron Price
Room: Online

Shambhala Training Level I is ideal for anyone seeking to learn the practice of mindfulness meditation, develop a regular meditation practice, and cultivate a healthier and more loving relationship with themselves.

Through meditation practice, you will glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of your existence. You will learn how to open to yourself with gentleness and appreciation, and begin to see your potential as a genuine and compassionate human being.

This is an excellent introductory program for anyone interested in the path of meditation. It will help open your eyes, heart, and mind to your own basic goodness and the sacredness of life.

The weekend retreat will include guided meditation instruction, periods of both sitting and walking meditation, talks, silent periods, and group discussions. 

Shambhala Level I is the first retreat in a progressive series of weekend retreats, meaning each weekend is a requirement for the following weekend.


Weekend schedule: 


11:00 am morning session

2:00 pm lunch

3:30 pm afternoon session



11:00 am morning session

2:00 pm lunch

3:30 pm afternoon session



Registration is through Shambhala Online. Please use the registration link below and select Toronto as your centre. Using this link returns half of the net income to the Toronto Centre, and allows you to be assigned to breakout groups with other Toronto participants.

Please note: Prices for this class are in USD.

The Toronto Shambhala Centre and Shambhala Online are committed to making the dharma accessible. If you are experiencing financial hardship, there is a link to request a discount on the registration page. Please click that link before you click on "Register Now".

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