Virtual Cushion

Looking and Seeing: Introduction to Contemplative Photography - Online

with John McQuade & Peter Luke

April 18th—May 16th

Join us for these five Sunday afternoons for an online introduction to the practice of contemplative photography. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Leading a Genuine Life

April 24th

Join us on this Saturday afternoon with senior Shambhala teacher Eve Rosenthal to explore what it means to be genuine and lead our life from this ground. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Waking up to the Basic Goodness of Body, Speech, and Mind

with Craig Mollins

April 28th

Join us for this Wednesday evening talk on the Buddhist view of our experience as fundamentally open, clear, and good. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Crisis and Community

May 8th

Please join us for live discussion and viewing of this Shambhala Gathering talk on crisis and community. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Nine Stages of Shamatha

with Marianna Siniakova

May 15th

Join us for this Saturday morning online workshop where we will explore a map of the meditative process as presented in the Nine Stages of Shamatha. Everyone welcome. Continue »

The Four Dharmas of Gampopa

with Stanley Fefferman & Dr. Joe Lukezich

May 29th

Join us for this Saturday morning online workshop on the Four Dharmas of Gampopa -- going beyond our insecurities and confusion towards the discovery of our basic goodness and innate wisdom. Everyone welcome. Continue »

The Power of Genuineness

with Eve Rosenthal

November 13th—November 14th

In this program, we will practice meditation and contemplating reality through the lens of the four thoughts that transform the mind. Everyone welcome. Continue »