Buddhist Studies

Comfortable with Uncertainty - Pema Chödron Reading Circle

October 9th—November 13th

Join us on all or any of these Wednesday evenings at 8:15pm for a reading circle on "Comfortable With Uncertainty," by Pema Chödron. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Tonglen: Meditation for Love and Compassion

with Donald Eckler

November 3rd

Tonglen is a gentle step by step process for opening the heart. This meditation workshop will teach the formal practice of tonglen as well as informal ways to take tonglen into our everyday lives. Continue »

Celebrating the Vajrayana

with Acharya Christie Cashman

November 8th—November 11th

Throughout this four-day retreat, we will explore how wrathful, peaceful, and effortless vajrayana methods “touch the fruition,” and thus remind us of our inherent wisdom. Prerequisites apply. Continue »

The Four Limitless Ones

November 14th—December 12th

Join us on these Thursday evenings for all or part of this five-week course based on recorded videos of talks on the Four Limitless Ones by Shambhala Acharyas (senior teachers). Everyone welcome. Continue »

Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves?

with Shastri Jil Amadio

November 20th

Listening to our internal dialogue we find we are relentlessly self-critical and unforgiving. Through the Buddhist practice of the Four Limitless Ones, we find a way to include ourselves in the circle of care, which changes everything. Everyone welcome Continue »

Demystifying the Vajrayana

with Shastri Jil Amadio

December 18th

The Buddhist vajrayana path, known as the indestructible path, can seem exotic, mysterious and even confusing. Join us for an exploration of the vajrayana path and its skillful methods for bringing us in contact with our true nature. Everyone welcome. Continue »