Buddhist Studies

Comfortable with Uncertainty - Pema Chödron Reading Circle

November 11th—August 25th

Join us on all or any of these Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm for a reading circle on "Comfortable With Uncertainty," by Pema Chödron. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Saturday Morning Workshop

with Dr. Joe Lukezich & Stanley Fefferman

June 26th

Join us for this three-hour workshop exploring the practice of mindfulness, the foundation stone of Buddhist practice. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Compassion: A Five-day Morning Retreat

with Stanley Fefferman & Dr. Joe Lukezich

August 14th—August 18th

Join us for all or any part of this five-day online morning meditation retreat. Everyone welcome. No previous experience required. Continue »

The Power of Genuineness

with Eve Rosenthal

November 13th—November 14th

In this program, we will practice meditation and contemplating reality through the lens of the four thoughts that transform the mind. Everyone welcome. Continue »