Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Social Meditation - Online Fridays

March 20th—November 27th

Social Meditation resumes on Friday evenings starting March 20 at 7:00pm. For now we will practice online until the Shambhala Centre re-opens. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Looking and Seeing: Introduction to Contemplative Photography - Online

with John McQuade

September 28th—October 12th

Join us for these three Monday evenings for an online introduction to the practice of contemplative photography. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Haiku and Contemplative Mind - Online

with John McQuade

October 16th—November 13th

An introduction to the practice, aesthetics and insights of Contemplative Haiku. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Orderly Chaos: Contemplative Photography, Level III

with John McQuade

October 18th—November 15th

Join us for level III in the series of Nalanda Miksang contemplative photography courses. Prerequisites apply. Continue »