Zoom – Guidelines for Participants of Online Events

This page offers some guidelines for participating in online programs and events using the Zoom video conferencing software.

Zoom etiquette

If you don’t have Zoom, please download and install it before the program begins.

Please initiate the Zoom link several minutes before the start time so we can start promptly.

Please be sure to keep your computer’s microphone off as sounds in your own home will be heard by other participants. You will find the microphone icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

If you are late arriving that is not a problem. Please enter the call mindfully, again with your microphone muted.

Some additional guidelines

To support your online meditation we suggest the following:

Location: Ideally in a quiet part of your home where you wont be disturbed by noise or the activities of others in the house, with the door to the room closed.

Chair: If you dont have a cushion no problem. Use an straight backed chair, such as a kitchen or dining room chair if you have one. Your feet should rest comfortably on the floor.

Family members/flat mates: If you would like to ask other nembers of your household to join in by all means do so. The meditation will be guided to support regular sitters and offer instruction to newcomers.

Just review practice etiquette beforehand. If anyone needs to leave before the end of the session no problem.

Use your best judgement if it will be distracting to have pets in the room.

Computer: please set it up so the background that others see isnt too busy

You can turn your video off at anytime. You will still be able to see the host.

Turn off your cell phone during the event.

Remember to mute your microphone. You will still be able to hear the host.