Say Hello to Our New Practice Instructors

Three rows of meditation cushions - all in shades of dark blue - lined up and waiting for the next sitting.To meet our need for more educators at the Centre, we’ve held a program to train Practice Instructors that are able to show newcomers how to do Shamatha – also known as mindfulness – meditation.

We’re please to announce that, as a result of this program, we have three new Practice Instructors at the Centre! Please join us in congratulating Mary, Martin, and Charlotte on completing their training!

The program included classes taught by senior Shambhala teachers, experiential exercises, lively discussions and practice with mentors. Over the month-long program, the students learned how to teach meditation in a trauma-sensitive way that included how to work with the body in meditation. Included in the training was the history in Shambhala of abusive behaviour by people in positions of power, and how we are working to shift our old culture to one of more inclusivity and belonging.

Newly minted instructor, Martin, had this to say about the training:

“The course was focused and intense yet light hearted. We received lots of mentoring and role play in studying the role of Practice Instructor. I feel both confidence and humility being able to introduce meditation to newcomers.”

You might see Mary, Martin or Charlotte at one of our Open House group meditations, warmly greeting newcomers, and introducing them to our meditation practices and to our friendly Shambhala Centre. Please feel free to drop in on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening to say Hello!