Meet Charlotte – One of Our New Practice Instructors!

Like many of us, Charlotte first discovered Shambhala after being handed a Pema Chodron text. She then received her original instruction and classwork at centres in her home state of Wisconsin, where she taught cooking and gardening to kids and worked for better food in schools and hospitals.

She joined the Toronto Shambhala sangha when she moved to Toronto in 2021 to study Naturopathic Medicine.

Meditating and serving as Padma here in Toronto provides her comfort with the groundlessness of being on the move as well as a valued community. When there is free time, she loves to sail, cook, garden, hike, and ski with her big, fluffy, white dog.

Charlotte is one of three new Practice Instructors at the Centre. Drop in on a TuesdayWednesday, or Thursday evening to meet her!