Community Meeting: Leadership at the Shambhala Centre

January 20th

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    Heather Alinsangan’s three-year term as our Centre Director is wrapping up (thank you Heather!) and the search for a new Director is on.  

    What might that role look like in 2019 and the next couple of years?

    Join us for a community meeting to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Centre Director and the Council Members, how the Toronto Centre operates, and how to get involved in leadership at Centre.

    Nominations for Centre Director are being accepted until January 23, 2019. If you are interested in this role or if you have someone in mind who you think would be skillful and big-hearted, please submit your nomination by email to [email protected]  or fill out a nomination form at the Centre and put in the box.

    A Shambhala Center Director holds the vision of Shambhala firmly in their heart, mind, and actions with tremendous loyalty. Embodying conviction in Basic Goodness and the inspiration to create Enlightened Society on the spot, a Centre Director engages their sangha and local community with kindness, wisdom, and strength. What might that role look like in 2019 and the next couple of years?  Some of the role might include:

    • Strengthening our sense of community and diversity within the centre.
    • Engaging directly with local government, business & finance leaders, and international community organizations.
    • Broadening and deepening our presence within communities all around the GTA.
    • Supporting and developing local leaders who will help foster a vibrant and caring community
    Everyone welcome.